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MEGAComfort's Current Health and Safety Clients include - Ford, General Motors , Boeing , U.S Post Office , Raytheon , Lockheed Martin , Eli Lilly , Tyson Foods, Kodak , 3M, Pepsi , Johnson and Johnson, US National Guard

     Occupational Health and Safety Need

  • As medical costs and workplace compensation claims skyrocket, companies are looking for any effective way to help control and prevent all types of M.S.D (musculoskeletal disorders) and other injuries in the workplace.

  • According to the National Research Council, each year these disorders affect about 1 million employees and cost the nation and employers between $45 billion and $54 billion in compensation expenditures, lost wages, and decreased employee productivity.

  • With increased government regulations through regulatory bodies, such as OSHA and NIOSH companies must find ways to provide a healthier and safer workplace environment.

  • The Health and Safety need therefore exists for specific ergonomic products to treat these disorders while at the same time be employer cost-effective.

                       MEGAComfort's Ergonomic Health and Safety Product Solution

  • Develop anti-fatigue products which will decrease the destructive forces from postural and muscle strain throughout the workday

  • Develop these anti-fatigue products using dual layered 100 % high density slow recovery visco-elastic memory foam so as to provide for maximum comfort and shock absorption

  • Develop these anti-fatigue health and safety products so that they can be sold to employers at a cost effective level.

Introducing our flagship product the
Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat insole !


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